Lumbreras de Cameros

Lumbreras has a large municipal area (142.9 square kilometres), which makes it the third municipality in size in Rioja, after Alfaro and Cervera. It has abundant grass pastures and woodland areas, and there was a Visigoth Fort and several villages (some already forgotten) in its area, such as Saint Martín, Larrade, La Pinilla or El Hoyo, while the ruins of Pajares rest beneath the waters of the swamp.

Lumbreras is the capital of the 13 Villas and in its area we can find the Finca de Pineda, (Estate of Pineda) an old uninhabited space of the same name that, according to tradition, was donated by a king to the inhabitants of the Iregua Valley, giving rise to the Brotherhood of the 13 Villas.

Its town centre offers different typologies of civilian architecture and some of the shields that decorate their houses remind us of the importance of their neighbours, belonging to the Camerano plots of Tejada and Valdeosera.

It had 166 inhabitants in 2017.

The Horcajo (1,296 m) and Saint Andrés (1,266 m) are the highest populated villages in La Rioja, and Lumbreras is the highest town (1,184 m).

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Lumbreras has had several villages, of which five disappeared before the XXth century. At present, Saint Andrés and El Horcajo still remain

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