Villanueva de Cameros

Its farm is located on a sunny slope on the left bank of the Iregua River, at the confluence with its tributary, the Santos River, as they call “Albercos”, which rises from the Ortigosa reservoir. Over the town, the church dominates the traditional constructions and, on the other side of the river, there is an interesting leisure and devotional space.

It is an important site to continue along the upper basin of the Iregua River or follow its tributary and discover other places of great tourist attraction.

There were important craft workshops in the town, dedicated to textile activities, dyes, flour mills and other manufacturing facilities powered by the water of their rivers.

Its population in 2017 was 71 inhabitants.

3 · The square

In the centre of the village is the so-called Portal de Morales, a space formed by the old Schools, built in 1859

9 · The trouts

The Iregua River has provided food and leisure to the Serranos. Very few remember the tasty crab with spicy tomato, a dish which is already part of history


10 · Dinosaur footprints

The mountainous area of La Rioja, particularly in its Eastern side, is a paradise for palaeontologists and, above all, for the sighting of the dinosaur footprints

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