Ortigosa de Cameros

The village is located on the slopes of two facing hills and separated by the Albercos River, which descends from the slopes of Mojón Alto (High Mojón, 1.766 m), the summit that dominates the region.

In the past, it had three districts, governed by two temples: The Upper District (Saint Martin), with the temple devoted to this Saint; the Lower or Barruelo, with the temple devoted to Saint Michael and the Cirujales (it no longer exists).

In its typology, it responds to the settlement in the mountain, which benefits from the slopes at noon for the settlement of the constructions but which, as they were growing, needed a new location down the lowest side.

In 2017 it had 241 registered inhabitants.

1 · The Casino

The Tertulia Ortigosana (Ortigosana gathering), association of different residents, commanded by the illustrious son of the village, Mr Gabriel de la Riva


3 · Popular architecture

Portales (Arcades) Street owes its name to the constructions that protected the pedestrians, were winter meeting spaces and also provided shade during the summer

9 · School-Home

It is very loved by the Cameranos, since many of their children studied in this centre. It was created in 1927 as the Charitable Asylum of Nuestra Señora del…

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