Village on a hillside, crossed by the main road N-111 that opens the urban area in two, due to its central garden area, here called El Prado (The Meadow) and offering the visitor its most beautiful photograph. Perhaps for this reason, for almost 100 years, many companies chose this location to engrave their advertisements on the benches. There were not many spaces for advertising at that time.

It has varied samples of popular architecture, which contrast with more historic buildings on the route. It is surrounded by forests and the crossing of the Iregua River generates beautiful riverside woodland.

At present it has 59 inhabitants (data for the year 2017).


8 · The domestic ovens

These pot-bellied constructions that almost all the families owned, allowed baking the bread weekly for all the family and the relatives


From the valley, the wine was transported to the mountains in wineskins loaded in carriages that stopped in the existing points of sale on the way to the Piqueras mountain…

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja