From the valley, the wine was transported to the mountains in wineskins loaded in carriages that stopped in the existing points of sale on the way to the Piqueras mountain port. The brandy has been a festive complement in the mountains and was also used for some stomach diseases. Liquors containing sloes, fruits of wild plum, chamomile flower heads, carnation buds and three coffee beans were very traditional. In the High Iregua, it is remarkable the liquor of maguillas or wild apples, as well as another anise-based liquor, to which cherries (so appreciated for digestive discomfort) are added, not to mention that yellowish liquor made of chamomile heads and sweetened with honey. All of these liquors were very common in the Serrano homes, where the use of local products was a constant feature.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja