Torrecilla en Cameros

While visiting this town, the traveller feels it as a capital. 
In fact, it is Head of the County and centre of the Cameros.
On the town, the Serradero mountain range separates this valley from the Najerilla River. Several temples denote other neighbourhoods, such as those of Campillo, Saint Martin and Barruelo, being the only Serrano town with settlements on both banks of the river.

Of industrial and livestock tradition, there are many religious buildings, manor houses, palaces and shields that flood the urban centre and tell us about a history full of illustrious sons and a splendid past.

Population in 2017, 482 inhabitants.
Height: 740 m.


1 · Sagasta Space

Located in the City Hall building, we find this exhibition space dedicated to the figure of the Torrecillano Práxedes Mateo Sagasta, President of the Nation's Government

2 · Lóbrega Cave

Cave Lóbrega is about two kilometres far from Torrecilla. This cave was one of the first to be studied, from a scientific point of view

11 · The Bridge

Bridges have been very important in the past and have conditioned communications between towns. The Barruelo Bridge joins the neighbourhood of Saint Martin with that of Barruelo

13 · Spring of Peñaclara

One kilometre away from the urban centre of Torrecilla and under the cliffs of Peñaseto, is the Peñaclara spring, formerly known as Balneario de Riva los Baños

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