Gallinero de Cameros

Serrano town located within the forest area and separated about three kilometres from the town of Pradillo to the Iregua Valley.
The chapel of the Virgin of the Cuesta is located in the highest part of the hill, and the remains of another, which was devoted to Saint Cristopher, is beside the cemetery.

In the village, it is said that this place was depopulated in a time of a big drought, that its inhabitants went to Gaul and on their return, they rebuilt the town and called it “Gallinero”, that is to say “place of Gauls”.

There are excellent examples of traditional Camerano architecture with interesting semi-circular masonry doors.

At present, it has 23 registered inhabitants (2017 data).
Height: 1.060 m.

The big game

Traditionally, the mountains of Cameros have been rich in hunting species and hunting was a common practice for its inhabitants

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