Almarza de Cameros

Village located on a hillock oriented toward the midday sun and surrounded by grassland spaces, indicating a livestock past. Today, the forest has grown and the forestry dedication has replaced cattle farming.

Its location on the slope of the La Rasa mountain port (1.379 m) has made it a crossing point between the valleys of the Leza and Iregua Rivers, especially until 1988, when Torrecilla is no longer head of the judicial district and stops providing a range of services.

Its name, which comes from the Arab and means “The port”, accurately reflects its location on that hillside near the Cameros Viejo (Old Cameros).

Ribavellosa and Cocera are two villages that were part of this municipality in the past and are currently depopulated.

Population in 2017: 26 inhabitants.


6 · Ribavellosa

Almarza had two villages, now abandoned: Cocera over the Iregua River, where a house displaying a shield of the Solar de Valdeosera

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