We are in a Camerano town linked to the earth, disguised with the ochre colour of the adobes that remind us of the reddish lands that once raised the rye.
Exposed to the sun and protected from the north, shows us the intention to occupy a territory for farming.

The river below could irrigate some small vegetable gardens and provided water for people and animals. The church on a hill, as a sign of defence, moves away from the urban area and approaches threshing floors for cereals. Its small size and its proximity to other sites are typical of the Camerano settlement.

In 2017 it had 18 registered inhabitants.

2 · The chapels

Inside the town centre, the chapel devoted to the Saint Christ serves as a parish church during all the year, except during the festivities of the Patron


6 · Peñas Malas

If we want to enjoy some really spectacular views, we must follow the signposted route towards the Quejigo de Alejandro

The trasnochos

In the long winters, the inhabitants of these small Camerano villages used to meet in the kitchens or even in the yards

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja