The Kingdom of Viguera

In the X century, Viguera was a bordering town that had been occupied for two centuries by the Arab family Banu Quasi, who ruled Tudela and other towns of the Ribera. It is then when the Navarrese king García Sánchez grants the territory of Viguera to his son in 970, elevating it to the category of Kingdom. From that moment on, Viguera will be known as a Kingdom and his son, Ramiro Garcés, as the first King of Viguera (970-991).
In the XI century, the entire area of the Cameros, up to the peak of Ortigosa, was under the tutelage of the Navarrese Kings.
In 1076, The Camerano area would belong to Castile under the reign of Alfonso VI and Viguera plays an important role in the repopulation of the Cameros.

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