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Villanueva de Cameros

6 · The threshing floors and the chapel of Saint Michael

Another essential space in the mountain life is “las eras” (the threshing floors). These cobbled spaced served to thresh the cereals, separating the straw from the grain, through the transit of chivalry dragging the heavy threshers full of sharp flint and quartzite, which cut the straw and shredded the cereal. Subsequently, the whole set was thrown into the air and, by weight, the grain fell and the straw was carried by the wind.
The location of the threshing floors on the upper side of the village allowed the grain to be thrown (aventar) taking advantage of the wind.
This threshing floor, today clean and preserved, is an example of those found in all villages, with attached buildings for the storage of straw, since the grain was driven to the house and kept in the valued “alorines”.
Next to the threshing floors is the chapel of Saint Michael, a XVII century building that has undergone many modifications and is now preserved thanks to popular cooperation. Every year at the end of September, on the date of the Saint, they celebrate a mass and an afternoon snack.

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