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Lumbreras de Cameros

6 · The Horcajo

Lumbreras has had several villages, of which five disappeared before the XXth century. At present, Saint Andrés and El Horcajo still remain. This last place, located 3 km from the capital, had up to 40 inhabited houses and some of its most illustrious sons belonged to the Solares de Valdeosera and Tejada.
On the upper part, it crossed the glen and the royal route that, crossing the summits, allowed to descend towards the valley. The Church of Saint Juan Bautista rises in the centre, with interesting fresco paintings that stand out for their ingenuity, showing the Virgin with her parents or Jesus with Saint José.
On the way to el Horcajo, at the height of the cemetery, the Lumbreras “fridge” is located. Documented since 1621, it served to supply snow and ice to the population in the warm months. It was municipal property.

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