Almarza de Cameros

5 · The Cañada Real

Between the two Cameros, the Old and the New, a series of peaks that almost connect the riverbank with the port of Piqueras in the Sierra, rise. That hill is crossed by a Cañada Real that allowed the Camerano cattle to get from Viguera to Extremadura, and also lead them to the Communal Farm of the Trece Villas, in Pineda, belonging to Lumbreras.
Today, the glen offers us a beautiful route (although without signalling) from Clavijo to the top of the port of Piqueras. On Almarza, and starting from this point, we will reach Prado Admuel, where a fountain will refresh us and we will be able to enjoy a beautiful view on the Alto Iregua (High Iregua). It is a livestock space reserved exclusively for the transfer of cattle. From La Rioja, when the first snows were approaching, several glens led the transhumant cattle to the south of Spain, where they spent the winter months. Later, at the end of spring, herds and shepherds retraced their steps and returned to the fresh Camerano pastures.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja