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Lumbreras de Cameros

4 · Watchtower and Chapel

The Tower was probably built in the XIVth century, erected by Mr. Pedro Manrique, Major Governor of Castilla, granted by king Henry II. It is a three-storey building, quadrangular, in masonry and with rounded buttresses. Its lower space serves as sacristy to the Chapel to which it is attached.
The Chapel of the Virgin of the Tower is Baroque of the XVIIth century. It keeps a Gothic carving (XIVth century) devoted to the patroness and also other Baroque carvings. It was governed by a Brotherhood with headquarters in the same building and that had a transhumant herd that moved, along with those of other neighbours, to Extremadura to spend the winter. According to tradition, upon their return, the light of the tower and the chapel served as a beacon for the farmers.

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