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Villanueva de Cameros

2 · The chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Nogales

Next to the river, we find this complex formed by the bridge, the staircase, the promenade, the chapel and the pelota court. The chapel is a Baroque construction in ashlar masonry and brick, with a slate roof, built in the middle of the XVIII century. The house of the Santero (person in charge of the care of the temple and a very typical character in the Camerano traditional life) is attached to it.
In 1871, the Arenzana family financed the promenade and, years later, they did the same with the pelota court, built in ashlar stone. The trees that edged the complex gave name to the chapel and the Virgin and Patroness of the place. It is a much frequented space in the summer, where festive dances and pelota games take place.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja