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Lumbreras de Cameros

12 · The Piqueras Inn and the Chapel of La Luz (The Light)

About 10 km from Lumbreras, there is a unique complex made up of the Chapel of la Luz, the Transhumance Interpretation Centre and the Piqueras Inn. This place is probably the old location of the uninhabited village of Pineda.
The chapel, built in the XVIIth century in masonry, guards the image of the patroness, the Virgin of la Luz, which is venerated in a pilgrimage that takes place on the Sunday before Saint Juan. Inside, there are several interesting paintings and an XVIIIth century votive offering.
At the end of the building rises the famous Piqueras Inn that, since the XVIth century, has hosted travellers and shepherds, providing shelter and food.
The festivity is celebrated every year in this space with an open-air mass and a market. All the event visitors are offered bread and sheep’s meat, in memory of the farming past of the region.

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