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Almarza de Cameros

1 · Church of the Virgin of Campillo

It is located in a fenced enclosure that also contains the pelota court, adjoining the walls of the church. It is a space that opens onto the square and the public fountain, near the Town Hall. This urban complex is very representative of the Camerano villages, in which social and religious spaces are grouped around the water supply point. The temple is a XVI century single-storey masonry building, where one of the most remarkable features is the portico with semi-circular arches and cobblestone pavement. There is a very interesting Romanesque style baptismal font inside and a carving coming from Ribavellosa. It is worth visiting the altarpiece by Simeon de Cambray, carved in the late XVI century, representing scenes of the life of Christ, from the Annunciation of the Virgin to the Passion. There are also several paintings of interest, such as the one of the Patroness of La Rioja, the Virgin of Valvanera, from the XVII century.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja