El Serrano (The Highland)

Although Puerta de Cameros is Viguera, the first village of Highland typology is Nestares, located on a sunny slope and far from the humidity of the Iregua River.
The Serranos (Highlanders), a human group dedicated to livestock and, in particular, to transhumance, lived there. They have been hard workers, closely related to the aggressiveness of the land where they lived. With the need to migrate at certain times of the year, migration has ended up being the final destination of many of its inhabitants.
Austerity and sobriety are qualities attributed to all the inhabitants of La Rioja, more used to the pleasant and seasonal farming life, as opposed to the daily shepherd work. Nowadays, the Serrano is a memory, an image that can be found in the clothing of the Patronal feasts.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja