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Villoslada de Cameros

9 · The Chapel of Lomos de Orios

9 km from Villoslada and in the first existing sunny side, there is a building from the end of the XVIIth century that contains the chapel devoted to the Virgin of Lomos de Orios and the large home of the santero. The building changed several times and suffered a big fire, and the remains of the old altarpiece are kept in the parish church.
Its name comes from “lumbos áureos”, in relation to the golden colour of the snowy hills at dawn, in the glacial cirque that closes its surroundings. In this part, tradition says that the Gothic image of the patroness of the sierra appeared.

Each spring, the Sunday after the Resurrection, the “Little Charity” is celebrated and the “Big Charity” during the first Sunday of July. The Great Charity or of Corderas and the donation of meat to all the devotees who visit the chapel, arises in 1520 and is intimately linked with transhumance.
The chapel has owned cattle until a few years ago and is surrounded by a private grazing area, together with a forest of holly trees. The water source paid by the rich emigrants from Villoslada living in Chile reminds us of the sad phenomenon of migration, common throughout the Camerano mountains.

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