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7 · The oak tree of Las Palomas

Less than two kilometres from Pradillo to Logroño by the N-111, next to the farm of Las Llanas, starts the signposted path that, in half an hour walk, leads us to the so-called Roble Gordo (Fat Oak) or Las Palomas (The Doves). It is a gall oak (Quercus faginea) of impressive size, with a perimeter that approaches 7 meters, being considered the largest in La Rioja. It has been declared as a Singular Tree of La Rioja.
Its characteristic features are its height (15m), its perimeter and its approximate age of 600 years.
Near the tree is the chapel of Saint Julián, already in the municipality of Nieva, where the route of the Path of the Roman Road of the Iregua runs through.

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