6 · The viewpoint of Peñueco

Leaning from this place, we understand the designation of Viguera as Door of Cameros. Observing the Iregua River, downstream, the farmland can be seen, with orchards next to the irrigation channels and plenty of fruit trees. The impressive Rocks of Viguera (ZEPA and ZEC spaces within the Natura 200 Network), which are located within the municipality of Viguera, guide us towards the valley.
The Viguera Tunnel connects La Rioja of the Cameros, two complementary counties that stretch below our feet. Upstream, the river fits between reddish conglomerated hills, some with sound names such as the Viguera Castle. The highest peak is that of Cerroyera and the oak and riverbank forests along the river are already announced. To the west, the Sierra of Moncalvillo separates us from the valley of the Najerilla River.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja