6 · Peñas Malas

If we want to enjoy some really spectacular views, we must follow the signposted route towards the Quejigo de Alejandro, which follows the course of the Rioseco stream until its diversion towards the path of the Roman Road of the Iregua.
The place of Peñas Malas is a perfect viewpoint to know the middle stretch of the Iregua River. From this point we can see the chapel of Saint Julián (in Montemediano, village of Nieva) and the entire course of this rocky edge, which allows us to admire the raptors that fly over the area.
If we continue walking along the Roman Road of the Iregua, we will reach the old cereal fields and the Pradillo Bridge, which leads us to its town centre.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja