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El Rasillo de Cameros

4 · The Labiano Victorian Museum

In the past, this space was occupied by a prestigious school built in 1869 by a private individual, Mr. José Sáenz Navarrete, with the aim of providing primary and secondary education, as well as trade studies. Students from all the provinces around and from the same town attended this school and here they became great professionals. The disappearance of this huge building left a square where now we can find the Museum, the pelota court, the hostel, a recreation area and the library.
The Museum houses the exhibition of traditional culture, compiled by the priest Mr. Victoriano Labiano, native to El Rasillo, during the years that he exercised his ministry in the Camerano villages. It gathers daily objects that reflect the former activities and, through its utensils, it is a magnificent review of the traditional Camerano life.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja