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Villoslada de Cameros

11 · The Achichuelo

The Achichuelo is a place of rest and, at the same time, the starting point from which to access beautiful corners of the Natural Park. One of the options is to take the path that runs along the left bank of the Puente Rá river and access the area of the Cascadas (waterfalls). These freeze during the winter season and offer a curious image.
Pine forests, with important spots of beech, some birches in the wettest areas and few yews, contrast with the reddish fruit of the holly. In the area, there are the old stone fences that contained the transhumant herds during the summer; also a few cottages covered with “lawns” or set of earth and grass, that reminds of the lodging of the ranchers in the past.
The presence of deer, roe deer and wild boars can brighten our journey through these streams that, together, they form the Iregua River.

Villages and Landscapes of the Camero Nuevo. La Rioja